Kellie and Abbey Lemon

From the heart, I can honestly say the single best decision we made for Abbey’s development both on and off the pitch was to sign her up to MSFC as a foundation player almost 5 years ago. We joined MSFC seeking quality coaching of technical skills of the game from Mile Sterjovski, with his wealth of experience as a former Socceroo and International player. We absolutely found what we were looking for! However, we received so much more than skills coaching. Mile and the MSFC coaching team have a genuine interest in MSFC academy kids as whole players, mentoring them on belief, attitude, work ethic, dedication, goal setting, respectfulness and more. All invaluable lessons the players take with them into their training, game, and in life.

Even more fabulous is that MSFC offers all of this in a fun and positive environment, ensuring the kids love what they are doing. Abbey always wanted to be at training. She could not get to training fast enough and would be dressed in her MSFC kit hours before she needed to be! Mile Sterjovski consistently inspires and encourages his academy players to believe in themselves, their goals and to be the best they can be. Mile acknowledges and celebrates their growth and successes at and outside of MSFC. Mile is always at top of Abbey’s list to share her footballing successes with, appreciating Mile and MSFC’s major contribution to those successes. We feel so fortunate and grateful to be a part of the MSFC family and cannot recommend the academy more highly.

Heartfelt thanks always MSFC.