Code of Conduct

We appreciate your understanding & following our code of conduct.

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It is vital that all players, parents and coaches follow a code of conduct that allows the Academy to run in a smooth manner and establishes a set of rules which everyone is aware of and adheres to. This is in place so everyone knows what is expected of them:

Players Code of Conduct: At Training Sessions

– Must come to training in full uniform (this includes shin pads and the correct footwear).
– Must come with a drink.
– Be on time, even try to come early to get extra practice time.
– Must come prepared for the session, fully focused and ready to learn.
– Must aim to give 100% effort, 100% of the time at training & matches.
– Must try their best to improve themselves and fellow players around them.
– Promote encouragement to fellow players, help one another.
– Represent MSFC in a positive manner, showing other players & clubs just how good we are.
– Always play by the rules, play hard, but play fair Off the field.
– Try to practice skills outside of training with the Academy (the more time spent with a ball, the better the player will get).
– Try to watch football, either live, on tv, or social media clips (on YouTube).

Parents Code of Conduct: At Training Sessions

– Put all emphasis on the players to be prepared for training themselves. Let them know they are in charge of their equipment, drink etc (we want them to become responsible).
– Ensure the players arrive on time for practice. I will start on time, and anyone who arrives late will have to catch up.
– At training or clinics, never direct or instruct the children, simply encourage them all the time.
– Issues – if there are ever any issues, please do not approach our coaches during the session, please either wait until the end of the session, or ideally give it 24 hours.

Coaches Code of Conduct:

– We will provide your child with the best learning environment and experience possible.
– We will look out for their best interests whenever they are with us.
– We will try our best to improve your child technique and most importantly we will try to put them in situations where they can improve socially whenever possible.
– Contact 0422273576.

Philosophy/Mission Statement

– Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.